Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Becoming Normal

Becoming normal; it’s like just waking up one day and realizing “I’m back to myself”. That’s honestly, how it is. You don’t feel the change as you’re going through it; it just happens and there you are – back to where you should be. I know normalcy is different for different people. For me, as much as I am outgoing and friendly, I am just the same, quiet and introspective. It’s about 50/50. My doctor, my therapy and my medicines have brought me back. I’m here, life is LIFE, and I’m home; back to normal.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Being on the other end of Mental Illness

A close friend of mine recently tried to commit suicide. I was the one who took him to the hospital. Although he did not injure himself very badly, it was imperative that he go to a place where he could be helped mentally as well as physically. As he was driven away in an ambulance I started to cry. It was at this point that the realization came to me about mental illness and its effect on loved ones. I was now on the other end of mental illness; one having to watch as this disease saps the sanity from a person’s mind and chronologically sets a course for its self destruction.

My helplessness was tangible. I could do nothing but watch as they drove off down the road trying to make myself feel better knowing that he was going to get help. MENTAL ILLNESS IS EVIL!

He’s home now and the combination of medicines, therapy and a lot of prayer are helping him to start from scratch in managing his situation. There is hope. I've learned that for myself and now him.