Friday, March 30, 2007

My art & my new ride

Hi. This is my first post, so welcome to a glimpse into my life (and into my head). My intention is to show you my work and my thoughts & processes in my creative journey. I'm a working artist in my day job and in my free time, so I'm immersed in creativity of some kind most of the time. The photos I'll be posting will be a mixture of older and newer work - most of which is for sale. Commissions are available as well. I have a few different styles, so I'll be showing different types of work.

Its funny, the main catalyst that urged me to start writing this blog is that I just bought a new car - a new car that, as it stands right now, I’m gonna’ have to stretch to afford. My old car died and I needed one immediately and I pretty much let myself get railroaded into buying a new one. What does this have to do with an artist blog? The answer to that question lies with that little voice in the back of my head that keeps telling me, “Its your art that’s gonna get you to where you’re going - up and out.” That means that I expect it will allow me to pay for these new wheels of mine.

As I look back, I’ve been a person that has had a lot of opportunities thrown at me: opportunities that I have not always taken advantage of. Perhaps laziness and apathy could’ve been reasons, but if I look a bit deeper, I find that fear has kept me from experiencing many of the joys and triumphs that those opportunities could’ve afforded. That fear I believe, also kept me from experiencing “the hunger” to get ahead, for wealth, for fame, whatever. Money was never a motivator for me - until I was in starving artist mode, like now. I have a new car to pay for and a new motivation in my own work that I believe will get me off my butt and get me producing up to the capacity to which I’m capable. Work it! Work it!


ndccpf1 said...

When is the next show ??

Phil from Jersey :)

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