Sunday, January 13, 2008

More Fashion Art

In the spirit of one of my New Year’s resolutions - to up my production of artwork, I’ve started sketching। This is the place where all the ideas come to life for the first time on paper. I love sketching ideas and I find that I have to be aware that I avoid doing actual art pieces because I get so involved in sketching. It’s my process, I guess.

Posted here are two paintings which I have posted before: Eblouissant and La Reine Abielle। My dealer, Martha Press, at the Farnsworth Gallery in Bordentown, NJ conversed with me about these two paintings. “It will be a certain type of person who will purchase these paintings”, she said. I agree with her - and they will have to have enough room on their walls as these paintings are not small. She has to find a space (most likely in a corner of the room) on her gallery walls to hang them. Because of their size and color, they would dominate any of her walls - especially because most of her featured works are small. I digress. To get to the point, we discussed a possible buyer for them. This potential client however ,would not even consider purchasing them because there is no representation of an African-American woman. I totally understand this frame of mind as I am a black man. Many of our culture want to see our own faces represented in the arts and not only the Anglo faces which have been so prevalently promoted in our American culture. (Not to get into it here, but its funny how race plays such an important and powerful role in our decisions, our actions and how we relate to others. Many want to think this is not an issue anymore in our American society. They are naïve). Back to the paintings - I came up with a third painting for this series and here is the sketch for it. I’m very happy with the idea. Haven’t decided when I’ll get to work on it but I will get to it. My issue is finishing it once I’ve started it.

Regardless of my personal work, I have more of a tight production schedule at my job at Wegmans। Here is one of my latest signs made for Chinese New Year (
Though for political correctness, we can’t say that because of our relationship with China at the present time. We have to say “ASIAN” new year. Political correctness in an instance such as this is the STUPIDEST thing I’ve ever heard! People who get offended at trivial stuff like this need to stay home. Its not Asia‘s New Year, its China‘s). Anyway, with the display, I think its one of my nicer signs. At least I’m being very productive in my work life.

Till next time.

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