Sunday, April 01, 2007

Club Yeah!

This is one of the latest of my works in progress. Its called Café Yeah! It depicts a Harlem night club in 1932 complete with dancing girls. Here’s the first sketch I did of it as well as the actual painting in its early stages. It is 5’ X 6’ and one of the larger canvases I’ve worked on.

I always do a lot of doodles and sketches before a painting (probably too many). I then project the image using a simple projector and trace the enlarged sketch onto the canvas and paint from there. I find that I get really good quick gestures and feeling in my sketches that I don’t seem to get if I go straight to full-size. Its also just a lot easier and quicker.

I really feel good about this painting and I believe it will be one of my best ever.

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